Why Us?

There are many companies in this field specially in Turkey, but we find ourselves among the top of them.

Our slogan “be connected with world” can reflect our mission which make the trade business very smooth and hassle-free to get all of your needs, so you can concentrate on key-success elements



We can support you to get all types of vehicles such as passengers and commercial vehicles, buses, trucks and heavy duty trucks from Turkey and other countries too.


Textiles industry is one of our majour core and we have a great experience in this category which can help you to get whatever you need from Turkish market with very high quality.


Turkey is one of the best countries in furnitures business and it's our pleasure to help you to get all of what you need in a very high quality.

Construction Materials

As you know, Turkey became one of largest industrial countries in constructions and building materials and we're ready to help you to get all materials you need to succeed your projects with very high level of products.


Whatever you need from the market can be provided to you by ISTALINK, what are you waiting for? Please go ahead and let us help you now.

Why Istanbul?

ISTALINK Company Limited based in Istanbul because it’s the largest city in Turkey and one of the major cities of the world.
he population of Istanbul is officially 15,07 million by the
eginning of 2019, but in fact it has passed 17 million today which means that Istanbul is larger than 177 countries in the
orld in terms of population.
The city was always important and big since the Byzantine and Ottoman periods but its dramatic growth started in the 1950's
arallel to Turkey's rapid industrialization. A huge immigration
egan from the countryside to this most industrialized city of Turkey which still continues at the present time.

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Why should you Deal with us?

“ be connected with world “

Through ISTALINK Company Limited operation’s team in Istanbul/Turkey, we consistently endeavor to achieve optimum results

All dealings and shipments rendered by ISTALINK Company Limited are assured to be at the highest quality. We listen to our clients and endeavor to fulfill their requirements of enhancements and specifications where possible.

Our unique approach is to usher you into a long-term relationship. We desire to make you a part of our (happy) extended family