Be connected with world

Why Us?

ISTALINK Company Limited. There are many companies in this field specially in Turkey, but we find ourselves among the top of them.

Our slogan “be connected with world” can reflect our mission which makes the trade business very smooth and hassle-free to get all of your needs, so you can concentrate on key-success elements.

Our Logo

The logo is inspired by import/export business and transportation movement.

This logo symbolizes the tail which represents the largest bodies transcontinental in the air Aircraft” and sea “Whales”. Yellow and black colors represents the common colors in the field of transportation and roads around the world.

ISTALINK, actually shows the link of the world trade business between Istanbul and the rest of cities worldwide.

Our Passion:

ISTALINK passion is to exceed your requirements. Our breath is giving satisfaction to our valued clients. We are constantly adapting to the changes that this market brings. Our fingers are on the pulse of progress.

Distance is no barrier; your dream products is on its way!
We have the knowhow, and the wisdom to deliver your preferred choice of products because of our constant expansion in Turkish trading market and how re-export market is going on. At the end, it’s our pleasure to serve you.


Our Management Team strives towards a common goal. With the company’s success primarily built upon the accomplishments of its subordinates.
We continually teach them and increase their knowledge and skills, whilst develop new techniques.

These behind the scenes people are the integral part of the business; giving us a stronghold within this competitive trading industry. Having a professional team with a strong foundation in the industry and exceptional market knowledge, gives us an edge to be a force to be reckoned with.